In Store Promotions

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 fb 125  mu stripe  green mu


Celebrate Football's 125th anniversary with                     Show your MU pride with something bright                 These t-shirts stand out without the

 this limited shirt in gray and white!                                   It comes as a once in a lifetime                                    normal black, gray and red. Available

 Only $10.00!                                                                    incredible deal! Only $5.00!                                       in green, blue & pink. Only $12.95!

Fleece 1/4 Zip  3/4 bright  mu tshirt                                                    

These comfortable fleece jackets come in ivory,         Get this 3/4 sleeve tee for the fall weather!                   Another version of our bright MU shirts!

 pink/gray, black, charcoal and red. You can't go        You can choose green or yellow.                                  Available in multiple colors!

wrong. Only $29.99!                                                    Only $5.00!                                                                    Only $12.95!